KMTM has been founded!

On 25.3.2018, KMTM was formed by a founding general assembly. The initiator of the association is Stefan Sand, who was also elected chairman. There was also elected a cashier – but we are waiting to fill in the other board positions for an extraordinary general meeting, which we expect to be in June 2018.

At the founding general assembly, the festival project was discussed and there an agreement that it is the main activity for KMTM so you will hear much more about this later. In addition, activities will depend on what members want (to contribute).

On 26.3.2018 we got a bank account in Merkurbank , and it is now possible to sign up for the association directly on the page.

Click here to sign up for a membership.

Invitation to the extraordinary general assembly

We are happy to announce and we look forward to the extraordinary general assembly which will take place on the 14th of Juni at 17.00 at Rosenørns Alle 22, 1970 Frederiksberg (The Royal Danish Academy of Music). Chair members will be chosen, plans for 2019 will be made and there will be coffee and snacks! To join the meeting you must be a member, sign up here on the webpage or by the door on the day. Pdf: Invitation KMTM