Become a Member

To be a member of Tonalt Centrum, you must support the idea of the association.

Tonalt Centrum's purpose is stated in the articles of association, you can read it here:

§2 Purpose. Subsection 1. The association’s purpose is to spread the knowledge of classical modern tonal music. 

You can read the articles of association here: Vedtægter (opens as pdf).

The quota for 2019 is 50 kr. The amount must be paid in our account at Merkurbank: Reg. 8401 Account 1526518 or Mobilepay to the Association’s Cashier at 61770636 at the same time as the following enrollment form is filled in.

The quota covers 2019, no matter when in the year you sign up. The quota collection will then take place every year in January.

Enrollment in Tonalt Centrum for 2019: